With SANDEN, keep cool on the road, and warm at home!

To respond to the rising European need for air-conditioned vehicles, SANDEN Manufacturing Europe was founded in 1995, in Brittany, France. Initially the site only performed assembly operations for air-conditioning compressors, with parts that mostly came from Japan. To improve productivity and flexibility the French subsidiary rapidly integrated more and more activities. We have equally moved in favour of more local suppliers.


Today, SANDEN Manufacturing Europe constitutes the most important production site of SANDEN Group outside of Japan, with more than 800 employees. We are responsible for the 3 principal stages in automotive compressor fabrication:

Fondation de SANDEN Manufacturing Europe
en 1995
  • casting
  • machining
  • assembly


The competence of the site expanded with the addition of a testing facility, which later became the Technical Centre. It now has the capability to create, design and test, allowing the development of new products corresponding to the needs of



A Strategy of Diversification

Originally, SANDEN Manufacturing Europe was exclusively dedicated to air-conditioned vehicles. Over several years, the leading position and the growth in the market allowed the company to develop for, and supply to, new clients.


At the end of the 2000’s, the necessities to generate new drivers of growth lead the company to investigate a diversification into the sector of environmental technologies, particularly in the housing domain. The orientation was towards CO2 heat pumps.


Today, SANDEN Manufacturing Europe combines two complementary activities: automotive air-conditioning and thermal comfort in buildings.

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