Our Environmental orientation: A fundamental pillar of SANDEN activity

The philosophy of SANDEN resides in our principle “Let us Develop with Wisdom & Prosper in Harmony” For us, this foundation implies the greatest respect for the needs of future generations. As pioneer of environmental technologies from its founding, the SANDEN Group unwaveringly pursues its efforts concerning sustainable development in the world.


Our mastery of protecting the environment is well illustrated across the production site at Akagi in Japan, also called “Sanden Forest”. This industrial complex, composed of forests and production units, is the prime example of preserving biodiversity and reducing wasted resources. Sanden Forest has been recognized by the Organization for Economy and Development (OECD) as amongst the best Good Practice examples of Sustainable Manufacturing.


The SANDEN site in France is equally committed. Certified to ISO 14001 since 1999, our environmental orientation is pinned to six environmental objectives:

  • 1. Reduce our waste production and increase its value
  • 2. Eliminate accidental emissions to the atmosphere as far as possible
  • 3. Economise on energy and natural resources
  • 4. Create products that respect the environment
  • 5. Engage all our suppliers and sub-contractors in our environmental policy
  • 6. Predict and prevent environmental risks

A dedicated team works daily on the reduction of ecological impact at SANDEN Manufacturing Europe. Not only developing high-performance energy saving products, we also give priority to the sustainable development of our industrial processes and internal corporate culture.


Discover some of our efforts for the environment:

Industrial water treatment

One of the three sewage filtration pools

Sewage and industrial water treatment


Three pools for lagoon-based treatment allow natural filtration of sewage from the company site. This is integrated fully with the natural environment of the factory.


Concerning the water from the industrial processes, we have installed an evaporator/concentrator. This system allows an initial distillation treatment of industrial waste water. The ‘clean’ water, separated from the ‘dirty water’, is afterwards reused internally. This solution allows us to reduce our volume of industrial waste water by a factor of 3.

Total replacement of the lighting systems

Les néons de l'unité d'assemblage ont été remplacés ou supprimés.

Total replacement of the lighting systems


Initiated in 2012, and completed in 2013, the total replacement of our lighting equipment was oriented around three axes of improvement:

  • The replacement of existing installations with energy saving solutions in both Production and Services
  • The optimization of lighting by eliminating unnecessary sources in consultation with the teams
  • Engaging our employees in good practices: encourage natural light, switch off lights in unoccupied rooms…

Installation of energy saving solutions

Le compresseur variable

Installation of energy saving solutions


  • Though necessary in our industrial processes, the production of compressed air can be very expensive on energy. With the installation of a variable speed air compressor, the rotation speed varies according to demand, therefore reducing blow-off losses. Thus nearly 805MWh were saved each year.
  • Installation of a heat recovery unit on an air compressor allows water to be heated to 70°C – 75°C, exploiting the heat generated by our industrial processes, in place of exhausting outside. (waste!). With heat recovery we save nearly 950MWh per year.

Mulching : A natural method of maintaining the green spaces

Mulching : A  natural method of maintaining the green spaces


In order to encourage biodiversity n our site, situated in the country, we use mulching to maintain our green spaces. This natural technique consists of laying down organic material or minerals surround the base of plants in order to feed and/or protect them.

Through using mulch at the base of our trees, we don’t use biocides (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides) in our green spaces.



Sorting of Industrial and Domestic Waste

Les poubelles de tri sélectif présentes sur tout le site de SANDEN Manufacturing Europe

For the last 15 years, every waste article is sorted on the SANDEN site in France. Trained in this practice on their arrival at SANDEN, our employees systematically sort their waste, whether in the production, the offices, or relaxation areas.



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