At the cutting edge of Innovation

More than a production site, SANDEN Manufacturing Europe has pushed forward progressively to become a leader of innovation in the domain of heating and cooling. To provide you with the greatest comfort while preserving the environment, more than 60 engineers and technicians are engaged daily on the development of new solutions at our technical centre.


This technical centre is fitted with the most modern equipment: 50 test machines, a climatic chamber, simulation software… Our knowledge of European users allows us to reproduce realist usage conditions under test, in order to produce new and higher performance solutions.


Since 2011, two leading products were released by SANDEN Manufacturing Europe.

Electric compressor for Sustainable mobility

Reducing CO2 emissions produced by road transport represents a major challenge. For us, the evolution towards electric and hybrid vehicles constitutes a real opportunity. Following development in collaboration with the engineers at our Headquarters in Japan, we produced the latest generation of electric driven and hybrid compressors. These products are already successfully installed in electric and hybrid vehicles from many automotive constructors around the world.

CO2 technology for thermal comfort in buildings

Within a strategic direction of diversification, SANDEN Manufacturing Europe has invested massively in a two year development program towards the production of an ultra-performant solution for domestic hot water. This project gave birth to an air-source heat pump for domestic hot water. It consists of the first heat pump developed specifically for the European market using the CO2 gas as refrigerant, which has neutral potential for climate warming, in contrast to the traditional solutions proposed on the market. With already two types of SANDEN system available on the market, our range of CO2 products is expanding rapidly.


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