An exceptional quality, appreciated by our customers

« Quality is our Priority » This mantra accompanies us in our daily activities, it is totally adopted by all our staff.


This translates in practice by concrete actions such as :

  • Understand, evaluate, and respond to the requirements of the customer
  • Develop products in line with their expectations
  • Contribute our knowledge and experience to develop our products
  • Use total productive maintenance to ensure quality in each stage of the production
  • Engage our suppliers
  • Learn from our mistakes.


For this, we have developed a quality system conforming to ISO 9001 and ISO TS  16949. In addition, we have put into practice the principles of EFQM (The European Foundation for Quality Management) to evolve towards excellence.


In terms of result, we deliver less than 2 defective products out of 1 million products delivered, which proves our commitment and motivation to quality, as well as the efficiency of our methods.


These results give us a level of excellence recognized by numerous awards attributed to us by our clients.

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