SANDEN, worldwide specialist in heating and cooling technologies

The SANDEN Group, undeniable player in the thermodynamic arena, achieved its place in the market through its core competence: the compressor. This component, allowing heat or cold to be transferred from one place to another, has placed our Group at the pinnacle of environmental technologies.


Through its activities, SANDEN accompanies you throughout your daily life, as you switch on the air-conditioning in your car, when you take a shower, or again when you buy something fresh from your local grocer. As a global group, SANDEN adapts to the changing needs of its users in order to provide the best thermal comfort.


'Let us develop with wisdom and prosper in harmony'

This principle, established by the group’s founder, reflects our intention to combine comfort and environmental protection in each of our products. For SANDEN, true pioneer in the practice of sustainable industrialization, only a constant growth in harmony with nature encompasses our work.


The continuous search for energy saving solutions has brought our group to innovate and diversify into four main centres of activity :

Automotive air conditioning


Started in 1971 by SANDEN in Japan, development of compressors and heat exchangers accelerated with the rapid increase in vehicles with air conditioning. Convinced from the beginning of the major potential for air-conditioned vehicles, the SANDEN Group as able to anticipate the evolution and impose itself as a major player in the market. Today, around a quarter of the air-conditioned vehicles in the world are equipped with a SANDEN compressor.

Commercial refrigeration

Refrigerated windows conceived and fabricated by SANDEN provide solutions to the wide needs of the mass distribution sector: energy saving, food safety, and ease of maintenance. We support the consumers and retailers in order to improve the availability of products whilst preserving the environment.


Vending Machines

The history of vending machines from SANDEN started in 1961 with the first « juice fountain », More than 50 years later the acquisition of the brand Vendo, combined with our capacity for innovation, brought us to Number 1 worldwide in this sector. SANDEN supplies vending machines to the most renowned brands in the food industry.

Thermal Comfort

Within the context of comfort and preserving the environment, SANDEN has become an expert in truly ecological thermal comfort. The arrival of the Eco-Cute technology in Japan, a high-performance  thermodynamic system for heating water using the natural refrigerant CO2, lead SANDEN to develop new solutions for heating buildings. 

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