SANDEN, the specialist in automotive air-conditioning

Number 1 supplier of air-conditioning compressors to the European automotive manufacturers, SANDEN Europe builds on its unique knowledge to satisfy customer requirements.


On our French site we develop and manufacture compressors ultra-performant in all aspects: energy efficiency, robustness, reliability, minimal weight, volume, and noise…


Thanks to our flexible production facilities, we are able to equip all vehicles on the market; cars or trucks, diesel or petrol engines, hybrid or electric… The exceptional quality of our compressors means we supply 40% of the market, 2 vehicles of every 5 sold in Europe!


The search for energy savings, encouraged by new legislation as much as car drivers, encourage us to develop better solutions to reduce fuel consumption, the moment you switch on the air-conditioning. In order to achieve this, our technical centre is equipped with the latest modelling tools, giving the possibility to simulate ten years of use (extreme temperatures, urban stop-start, or sustained motorway…), in 3 months.


We offer an electric compressor of the latest generation because of our commitment to the mobility of people who respect the environment.

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