CO2 heat pumps for thermal comfort in buildings

Worldwide specialist in heating and cooling technologies, the Japanese group SANDEN is recognized as one of the main players in the different HVAC areas. With this strength of expertise, in 2007 the French subsidiary SANDEN Manufacturing Europe diversified into thermal comfort in buildings.


With cutting edge CO2 technology, we developed and produced ultra-performant air-water heat pumps. Taking the free energy from the outside air, and using the ecological refrigerant fluid CO2, we produce high temperature hot water for your greater comfort, whilst saving energy.


The high returns and environmental advantages of our heat pump technology regularly attract accolades from the profession.


SANDEN is a member of the French Association for Heat Pumps (Association Française des Pompes à Chaleur (AFPAC) and the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA).

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SANDEN CO2 technology


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