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SANDEN Manufacturing Europe is the European leader in the production of air-conditioning compressors for automobiles and supplier to the majority of the European Automotive Manufacturers. Specialists in thermodynamics, through the development and production of heat pumps for thermal comfort in buildings, we have diversified ourselves into renewable energy.

Each day more than 800 staff contribute to the fabrication of quality products and the satisfaction of SME customers.

Since its founding in 1995 SANDEN Manufacturing Europe has developed thanks to the dedication of each of its staff member.

SANDEN management of human resources policy is based upon each individuals’ development, and valuing their competence and responsibility.

SANDEN recruits dynamic men and women, committed to the development of an organisation oriented towards the satisfaction of its staff and customers.

Offres d'emploi
Emploi Contrat
Service Infrastructures, Sécurité, Environnement
Agent d'entretien du Bâtiment H/F
1 an
Service Informatique
Technicien(ne) Réseaux et Systèmes en alternance H/F
Horaires : Journée
Service Approvisionnement / Planning
Ingénieur Lean Manufacturing en alternance H/F
Horaires : Journée